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Bed Bug Life Cycle : Bed Bugs Feed On Your Blood So They Can Reproduce

The average life span of a bed bug is from 4-6 months, though they have been known to live for up to two years

Bed Bugs will lay an average of one egg a day, with a total lifetime count of up to 500 or more baby bed bugs for each female

  • Both the male and the female Bed Bug require blood feedings in order to reproduce


Bed Bug Life Cycle : The Problem With Bed Bugs

  • These pests spread out rapidly. These bugs may well be transported into a home by simply holding onto fibers directly on couches or chairs along with clothing that has come into contact with them - they are known as the hitchhikers of the insect world.
  • They are able to propagate between households as friends and relations visit each other, through riding in a taxi, or on public transit or sitting in a public place that has an infestation - like a movie theatre or a restaurant. Bed bugs can even enter a home through the introduction of infested library books.
  • Prohibitions on particular pesticides, travel to other destinations and buying previously owned garments in addition to home furnishings have actually reintroduced bedbugs straight back into places of residence.
  • These terrible insects can survive for nearly a year between feedings on your blood, which explains why it is difficult to get free of an infestation.
  • As well, these insect bites can lead to irritation, skin rashes and other problems on your epidermis. Anxiety and stress can certainly be reactions to having these particular bugs in the house.


Extermination - Take Back Your Home And Defeat These Bloodthirsty Bugs

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