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Bed Bug Facts From The Bed Bug Exterminator in London ON

Bed bugs are found in more communities throughout Ontario than ever

The quantity of bed bug infestations have increased tremendously in the past decade

Bed Bug Facts : The Hassle With These Bugs

Bed Bugs can disseminate quickly and easily

  • Bed Bugs tend to be moved inside a home by way of adhering onto fabric located on pieces of furniture as well as clothing
  • They even can disperse by means of riding on public transit, as well as bringing infested library reading books inside your home


Why Are Bed Bugs Making A Comeback?

  • Restrictions concerning specific insecticides
  • The ease of visiting several other nations around the world where bed bugs flourish
  • Buying second hand clothing and furniture have transported bedbugs directly into homes
  • Home-made cures aren't effective


These Terrible Insects Bite You For Your Blood

  • Bed Bugs burrow in the seams of mattresses, solid wood furniture pieces, baseboards, floorboards as well as in soft material furnishings such as couches and armchairs
  • These bugs feed in the dark, biting on people to feed on their blood for nourishment
  • These terrible insects can live for up to nearly a year in between meals


The Health Harm Bed Bugs Cause

  • Bed Bug Bites can cause itchiness, skin rashes and infections in addition to other problems of the skin
  • Anxiety and stress can be reactions to these particular invaders living in your home


Extermination - The Obvious Way To Eradicate Bedbugs

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